In our first ever episode Abigail and Rachel talk about the touchstone of Every Day Design, Ikea.



This month I:

In which Abigail reads about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in Architectural Digest and Rachel thinks about how the rise of the robots will influence urban designers.

Good Design / Bad Design:

Music venues are the name of the game in good design, whereas parking permit renewal and swimming bath changing rooms fall short of the mark.

Hammersmith Apollo

Sixty Six Sounds – Denmark Street

Dana Immanuel and the Stolen Band

The Big Topic:

Ikea – force for good or force for evil? You be the judge…

The Billy Bookcase

Ikea collects old furniture

House Beautiful’s 21 Best Ikea Hacks

Designing together:

Netflix documentary on Minimalism made us question our approach to ‘stuff’, but can Abi be convinced that it’s time to part with some of her precious shoes?

Next month I will:

Abigail heads to Focus 18 at the Design Centre Chelsea, and Rachel moves (briefly) to Ealing.


Presenters: Abigail Hall and Rachel Fisher
Produced by: Rachel Fisher
Music: The Duelist

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