The Holidays are coming!

It’s been a remarkably eventful November for Abigail and Rachel – importantly Rachel ushered in a new decade in classic #EveryDayDesign fashion… more on this anon.

This month I…

Abigail started her month at an incredible wine club at 67 Pall Mall. Far from being a snooty boys’ club it was an incredibly convivial place for people to try new wines, and make new friends.

Rachel and her husband ditched the kids and headed to Florence for food, art and culture (in that order). By far the best part of the trip was the Taste Florence tour, which she’d heard about on another favourite podcast Gastropod.


Good Design / Bad Design

Abigail has been moving back into her flat after the extensive renovations – and building on her learning about minimalism (from episode 1) has been reassessing her book collection. No doubt we all have books best given to the charity shop for someone else to enjoy!


Rachel vents – quite literally – about hand driers. Who knew she had such strong opinions …

The Holidays are Here!

And so to the main topic – decorating for the holidays – Rachel and Abigail try and get their heads around Christmases past, present and future.

Designing Together:

What better thing to do than to watch a frothy Christmas film?? Nancy Meyer’s The Holiday is effectively a bit steaming mug of hot chocolate for the soul. And some pretty great interiors as well!


Next month I will

Abigail will be doing a book audit and Rachel will be building a Christmas tradition with her kids by getting a nativity set… and MAYBE a Christmas Tree!

Stay tuned on our twitter and instagram for the results of these and other design experiments!

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