Designing Happiness. Architect vs Contractor vs Builder – a guide.

What is the different between Architect, Contractor and Builder; and what do they bring to your project?

We cover the difference in the different jobs:

  • Architect,
  • Contractor and
  • Builder,

when there is cross over and what you get from each of them.

We discussed the importance of legal Party Wall agreements; more information can be found on the UK Government website   and look out for our future podcast with a legal expert on this and other potential property dispute matters!

Project Research Stage

We talk about help architects can offer at the research stage, but advised us to use your local authority planning portal to look at local planning and building regulation advice and also to see what has been approved and rejected locally.

How much does this cost?

Brigitte was very open about the way she charges.  If you are interested in finding an architect for your project, take Brigitte’s advice and ask for recommendations.  If you can’t find anyone locally check the RIBA website for registered architects in your area.  But go with someone you like and who you feel understands you and your project, As Brigitte says – “building work in an emotional endeavour!” 

Pinterest again came up as a favourite repository for research and inspirational ideas, but we also received the advice to take a photo of something you like – even if it isn’t something you specifically want in your home – it helps your construction professionals understand you and your project.

And finally – we got some great advice: “If you think a professional is expensive, wait until you find out how much an amateur costs you!”

Brigitte Clements – Loki Architecture


Brigitte can be contacted through her practice website https://www.loki-architecture.comand she is also on LinkedIn under Brigitte Clements and on Instagram as

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