About Designing Happiness

Welcome to Designing Happiness : The podcast to empower and educate home owners on how to best delivery their extension or renovation project – to make sure the change you are making results in a new space which perfect for your lifestyle, personality and taste.  

Presented by Abigail Hall, AKA the Queen of Construction, a technical design expert and consultant to the construction industry.  For almost 15 years she has been delivering very high-end and complex renovations while also undertaken a fair number of her own smaller, but never less detailed or complex refurbishment projects (abut with much smaller budgets!) During this time she has become a recognised expert in how you can use design to enhance your own happiness and wellbeing.   Through this podcast she is sharing her knowledge, contacts and a few of the lessons she’s learnt along the way.

Read more about Abigail’s work at www.AbigailHall.Design Follow Abigail on Twitter @Abigail_Hall or Instagram @TheQueenOfConstruction

Abigail will talk to a different expert about their product or service so we can learn the technical jargon, the easy mistakes to avoid, the need to’s, the nice to’s and how to get the finish you want on time, in budget and which results in a happier home.

Season 2 Every Day Design 2020:

The same format podcast under the previous name of Every Day Design, all previous season podcasts are now available and hosted under Designing Happiness.

Season 1 Every Day Design 2018 – 2019:

Every Day Design started life as a podcast by friends Urbanist Rachel Fisher and technical design expert Abigail Hall, friends brought together by a shared love of design and it’s potential to make everyday life a little bit better.

We maintain these episodes as they show the breath of knowledge, love of and passion for great design.

Follow Abigail on Twitter @Abigail_Hall or Instagram @TheQueenOfConstruction